Get The Picture

Tyler Dawgden looks at the transition from Grantham to Pruitt and sees this as nerve calming:

One other thing to be hopeful for about this season: Pruitt won’t likely do much different, alignment wise, than Grantham did with the front seven. Much of the heavy lifting will be done with the DEs and NG filling gaps, with the line performing nearly the same role of preventing easy inside yards, while pushing the pocket back into the QB on pass plays. The big difference will come from philosophy after the snap with the LBs, as Pruitt’s system is both simpler from an execution standpoint and more reliant on the LBs to blow up plays with speed. In that regard, I feel pretty good about our talent.

I don’t disagree, but I think I’d go one step further.  I don’t think we’ll see Herrera and Wilson on the field in coverage together…

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