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Can the Atlanta Falcons return to prominence in 2014?

With the exception of the Houston Texans, no team served up a platter of disappointment for their fans more that the “Dirty Birds” in Atlanta in 2013. Fresh off the back of a laudable 13-3 campaign and a playoff run that saw them one short Matt Ryan TD pass away from a trip to the Superbowl, the Falcons capitulated in a season that saw the team finish with just four paltry wins. A £100 million plus contract handed to quarterback Matt Ryan was called into question, as the one heralded signal caller finish the season with 17 interceptions – the most in his NFL tenure.

The Falcons’ leader can make a number of excuses for his rough season; in fact, the former Boston College hero spent most of the campaign picking himself up off the turf, as his rejiggered novice offensive line…

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