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Perhaps Jon Asamoah can stablize the problematic right guard spot for the Falcons. Perhaps Jon Asamoah can stabilize the problematic right guard spot for the Falcons.

The Falcons do not appear set to make any big splash moves in free agency. (Jairus Byrd and Alex Mack cost too much!)

They appear set to go the “solid football decision” route in 2014. Word is starting to get out that they will likely be two signings today. (Perhaps DT Paul Soliai.)

The Falcons have struggled to fill the right guard position and appear set to land one of Scott Pioli’s former draft picks in Kansas City guard Jon Asamoah, who was no longer wanted in Kansas City by the new John Dorsey-Andy Reid regime. He lost his position to journeyman Geoff Schwartz last season.

I think Atlanta Journal-Constitution columnist Jeff Schultz will approve of the Asamoah signing, but he’s off worrying about some pitcher’s ligament injury. (Those wimpy baseball players. They don’t even get hit and they come…

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