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The teams of Atlanta must be having an obsession with getting new stadiums.


First, Falcons owner Arthur Blank pressured the city to get a newly-built stadium for his team. He slick threatened to take the Falcons to LA at a point. Of course, Atlanta caved (they love the Falcons too much) and will be getting their new digs in 2017. 

Now the Braves will leave Turner Field behind in 2016 and head over Cobb County in 2017. 


ESPN.com reported that the new stadium would be located at the interchange for two of Atlanta’s busiest interstates, I-75 and I-285, and the area has been plagued by major traffic problems for years — despite northbound I-75 being expanded as wide as seven lanes near the proposed site. 

The Braves also gave their take on the move

“The reason for moving is simple. The current location has certain issues that are insurmountable and…

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