By: John Wickham

Big news came out today, as the Atlanta Braves announced that after the 2016 season they will have a new home. The Braves announced they will move to Cobb County.

I for one like the move. It moves the Braves closer to more of their ticket holders. They also will move from a place where the surrounding area was to say a little sketchy. The new area is going to be surrounding by stores and restaurants. It will make for a better experience. On the problem with traffic, no matter what happens there will be traffic. Metro-Atlanta has a large population and traffic is going to be around regardless.

Turner Field, itself, is great. It is a little big by most ballpark standards. The Braves have done a lot of work on it recently and the stadium might be viable for the next 10 years but after the 2016 season they need to re-up on the stadium deal for another 20 years and it could become a losing battle. The new stadium will have about 13,000 less seats. It will be a more intimate experience.

In 2017 two of Atlanta’s professional teams: the Braves and Falcons will be opening new stadiums and I for one can’t wait for opening day in either stadium.