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RENTON, Wash. (AP) — There have been certain games during his coaching career where the disappointment has lingered for Pete Carroll.

A certain national championship game where Vince Young tormented Carroll’s USC squad came to mind. So did a losing trip with the Trojans to Oregon State one season.

And, most relevant to Carroll’s current situation with the Seattle Seahawks, last January’s NFC divisional playoff loss at Atlanta where his team rallied from a 20-point deficit at the start of the fourth quarter only to give up the lead in the final 30 seconds and have the season end in a 30-28 loss.

“I’ve always had certain games that I don’t want to forget because they kind of keep me going and this was one of them. I have a lot of those unfortunately,” Carroll said. “We let a game get away that we regret tremendously.”

Seattle returns to…

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