Exactly one year ago today I wrote this article in an attempt to identify Murray’s still-evolving legacy.  The way I saw it, there were three options:

  • Overrated
  • All-Time Great
  • Bully


In an effort to quickly dispel any notion that I’m not a fan of the senior signal-caller: I think Murray’s recent success in late game drives has rendered the “overrated” title obsolete.  He puts up numbers, he wins big games now, he performs well late in ball games.  No part of that is overrated.

He’s certainly an All-Time Great.  He’s going to set just about every passing record there is (he’ll get the career passing TDs mark this weekend).

But is he also a Bully?  Here’s a closer look within the parameters I defined last year.


Good Games

To date, Murray boasts a 157.97 career passer rating.  But on 11 occasions he’s put up an individual game…

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