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I have to go back a few days for this one. 

Former Atlanta Brave great Chipper Jones picked the Dodgers to beat the Braves in four games prior to the start of the NLDS.  So when the organization brought him in to throw out the pitch before game one, every player in a Braves uniform snubbed him.   Not one guy in a Braves uniform was willing to walk out with him so he had to throw to the mascot. 

How Braves of them.  How bush.  But not all surprising.  These are the same cats who freak out when guys stare at homeruns. And now they go team wide boycott on one of the franchise’s best and most popular players ever.  That’s bush. 

He didn’t sell you out.  He answered a question. He answered it honestly.  He kept it real. And by the way, he was right.  The Braves did lose…

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