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Birthplace: Chesapeake, Virginia
Born Date: 7/16/1988
Height: 6’8″
Weight: 237
True Position: Power Forward (4)

411: James Scott prefers to be called Mike because his dad’s name is Mike and he was a huge Michael Jordan fan. Mike is not only a basketball fan, but he also enjoys soccer and football. In fútbol he likes Manchester United, led by Wayne Rooney, and in football he is a fan of Washington’s football team, led by RG3. Outside of athletic sports, Mike enjoys playing ping pong, Xbox video games, particularly Madden, and listening to Jay-Z, Drake and Kanye West. He can be classified as a sort of tough guy with a sophisticated side. If he could be anyone for a day it would be Mike Tyson. Check out the interview below a learn a little more about Mike Scott.

Basketball Background: Mike’s played high school…

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