A few weeks ago I had breakfast with former Tennessee Volunteer coach Phillip Fulmer.  The purpose of the breakfast was not football-related, but seeing as the vast majority of my recreational conversations end up involving pigskin, the topic was all but inevitable given Fulmer’s long SEC coaching tenure.

Somewhere along the way we came to the subject of college vs. professional football.  I stated my case to Coach Fulmer the same way I have on this very site several times. I favor the collegiate game for two distinct reasons:

  1. The atmosphere at a big-time college football game is not paralleled in American sport.
  2. I enjoy the imperfect intricacies that can only be found when the game is played by 20 year-old college students.

As I expressed my appreciation for the unexpected, Coach Fulmer laughed ironically.  “That’s the very thing that makes coaching at the collegiate level so difficult,” he offered…

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