Take a good look at the picture on the right — it’s a rare sighting of an Atlanta Falcon in the end zone!

It’s been a well-publicized problem that the Falcons can’t score a touchdown when they get inside an opponent’s 20-yard-line, known as the Red Zone. Through four games, the Falcons have scored touchdowns on just seven of 18 trips into the Red Zone, according to Mark Bradley of Over the last two weeks, they’ve only scored three touchdowns in 11 trips inside the 20.

So what in the world is going on?

A breakdown this colossal is usually due to many problems, and that’s surely true with the Falcons. Let’s look at each area of the offense, and what they’re doing wrong.

The offensive line

Let’s be honest — the Falcons’ offensive line sucks. They’ve gotten better since Week 1, sure, but they’re not good at…

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