Sports Down South

The Atlanta Braves came into the 2013 season with a chip on their shoulder but with much of the national media against them.  While the signing of BJ and Justin Upton created some buzz around the Braves, you would be far fetched to find too many reporters outside of Turner Field that felt the Braves could beat out the “feared” Washington Nationals in the NL East.

Yet with 5 games left in the regular season, not only do the Braves already have the East wrapped up, but they currently are tied with the Cardinals for the best record in the National League.

The Braves have dominated the East all season, holding the top spot in the division for every day but one.  Led by a pitching staff with the best ERA in the Majors (3.19), a bullpen with the best ERA in the majors (2.45), and an offense that is…

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