Debo Lets Loose

The Braves finally clinched the National League East division title yesterday in non-dramatic fashion. In the 6th inning of the Braves vs Cubs, the score of the Washington Nationals loss posted at Wrigley Field. You could see the Braves get those smiles on their faces and hand out a few high fives in the dug out. The Braves went out and finished their win over the Cubs and that’s when the celebration began.

Congrats goes out to the Braves for winning a division that was handed to the Nationals at the beginning of the year. Congrats to the Braves for fighting through injury after injury. The Braves can’t settle here they have to keep fighting, like Freddie Freeman said “This is only one celebration of four, hopefully,”  Next up is earning the best record in the National League and getting home field advantage through the playoffs. The Braves are…

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