Peria Jerry

By: John Wickham

It is not quite the level of the Manning Bowl but there will be the Jerry Bowl when the Falcons play the Dolphins on Sunday. The Falcons DT Peria Jerry will face his younger brother RG John Jerry. It will not be an every play match up but will be seen the majority of the game. Peria Jerry is listed 3rd on the DT depth chart behind Corey Peters and Jonathan Babineaux and the Falcons like to rotate their D-line. Peria will also switch sides and will play a little DE in the Big 3-DT Front.

Now for the tale of the tape: Both attended the Hargrave Military Academy before playing at Ole Miss. Peria Jerry has the edge in draft status as his was drafted in the 1st round in 2009 by the Falcons while John Jerry was a 3rd round pick in 2010 by the Dolphins. Peria Jerry is older by 2 years while John is taller by 3” and outweighs his older brother by about 50 lbs.

They attended the same high school and college so it will be the first time that they will play each other in a game besides the preseason game these two teams played in 2012. They probably practiced against each other a lot in high school and in college. I wonder who won the most. I can’t wait to see come Sunday if the older brother can get the best of his younger but definitely not little brother. If Peria can be part of a D-line that can stuff the run and put pressure on the QB, he might get bragging rights over his brother.