Aaron Murray:

  • Murray finished second in the nation in pass efficiency in 2012 with a 174.8 rating.  This year he’s 20 points higher at 194.8.
  • Murray hit on a career high 64.5% of his passes last year.  This year he’s connecting on 71.2%.
  • Murray set the school record with 3,893 passing yards in 14 games last year.  If he plays 14 games this year and maintains his current pace, he’ll throw for 4,424 yards.
  • This would make Murray the SEC’s all time leading passer…by nearly 3,000 yards.

Todd Gurley:

  • Todd Gurley currently ranks 7th in the nation with 288 yards.
  • If Georgia gets a 14-game season and he maintains his current pace, he’ll finish the season with 2,016 yards rushing and 21 TDs on the ground.
  • Herschel Walker owns the school record with 1,891 yards rushing in 1981.  Gurley can threaten that based on what he’s done against two top-10…

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