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So today is Monday, we are 24+ hours from the end of yesterday’s head scratcher. We can all stop panicking now and move on to Week 2 against St.Louis. But before we move on completely lets look back on the good and the bad from the 23-17 loss vs. the Saints

Offense: KEEP MATT RYAN ON HIS FEET. By all means he had himself a good day going 25-38 for 304 yards and had a 8.0 Y/A with 2TD-1INT, that interception really didnt count there at the end.To get to the point the O-line needs to get better and fast. New Orleans has improved their defense from last year, but their still an average defense. In week 2 the Falcons will face a Rams squad that bolsters one of the best D-lines in the league.Down the line they will face the two best D-lines in the league in San Francisco…

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