Sick of arguing with your friends about who is the best player in the NBA? Leading into the ’13-14 NBA Season, Ball So Hard will be putting an end to the debate. Here is the decisive list of the 50 best NBA players.

Note: predictions are for the up coming season and rank players on how they will perform in the ’13-14 season.

No. 35, Al Horford

It wasn’t that long ago that many people labelled Al Horford arguably the best centre in the Eastern Conference.

Dwight Howard was on his way out of Orlando, Roy Hibbert and Joakim Noah were yet to truly put it together, and Kevin Garnett was slowly edging towards retirement.

Horford made two All-Star games in 2010 and 2011, and his stock looked to be increasing.

However, after an injury-riddled 2011-12 season, that restricted him to only 11 games, Horford seemingly fell off the media radar.

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