I got home from the game this morning at 4:50.  I have an article up on Bleacher Report that expresses two sentiments:

  1. It was Georgia’s highly touted offense that cost the Dawg’s the game.  The defense performed to expectation.
  2. All is not lost (I feel like I write that every year).



A few random thoughts:

  • For so many points to have been scored in the first half, there sure didn’t seem to ever be any momentum for either team.  Even big plays and long drives just seemed like formalities, not actual movements.
  • The lack of discipline was maddening, especially along the offensive line.  Clemson returned a lot of experience in the front seven, and the pass rush was obviously better than anticipated.  But whoa.
  • I could make a strong case for this being the least consequential game for Georgia to lose.  Eight conference games are more important…

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