Mark Richt joined the media for a weekly teleconference.  Here are a few take-aways:

  • Richt says there is “certainly something to” the recent increase in tempo across the league.  Points out that fatigued linemen don’t play quite as well.
  • No announcement on Marshall Morgan (potentially suspended kicker).
  • First game jitters never go away.  “Your heart just pumps faster…it’s time to play!” says Richt.
  • Richt tries to relax and keep his mind off of football between summer camp and the 4th of July.  He says the break is “healthy.”
  • Richt says that in 1992 FSU decided to go no-back shotgun formation for two-minute drill.  That was his first true exposure to the no-huddle as a coach.  Mentioned big games against Georgia Tech and Clemson – two ACC opponents that Georgia will face this year.  Said the success in 1992 in that scenario led to fuller implementation in 1993.
  • On the matchup…

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