Mike Budenholzer

If you want a good coach the best place to start is with the Spurs it seems. Jacque Vaughn, Mike Brown are from the Greg Poppvich coaching tree. The Hawks have picked another from the coaching tree of Poppvich.

If Dwight Howard is considering playing for the Hawks then he better get a tape on the San Antonio Spurs, learn how to play Spurs basketball because the new coach is Spurs assistant Mike Budemholser.
For the past five years, Budenholzer has been the top assistant to legendary Spurs coach Gregg Popovich.

Hawks general manager Danny Ferry – who has a longstanding professional and personal relationship with Budenholzer as an executive and player with the Spurs – made the push to hire Budenholzer upon the completion of the Spurs’ Western Conference Finals sweep of Memphis on Monday night, sources said.

Budenholzer had a formal interview with Atlanta between the Golden State…

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