By: John Wickham

The Hawks just kill me. They are so hard to watch sometimes. They had two awful games to start the series then come home and played lights out and looked like they figured things out. But then on the road again they go back to a bickering team that makes too many mistakes and worries more about the calls then what is happening in the game.

Game 6 is a very important one for the Hawks. Will they be the same ole Hawks and get blown out or will they keep up the home dominance in this playoff series and make the Pacers have to win Game 7 on Sunday? I do believe they have a chance to not only win Game 6 but take the series if they can keep the turnovers down and not worry so much about the calls. It would help if the refs actually called a fair game but that is something that can’t be controlled so they need to get that out of their heads.

I don’t see the Hawks being a fragile, soft team on Friday. I see them making Phillips Arena the Highlight Factory and forcing a Game 7. I hope they prove me right.