By: John Wickham

So out of the list that I put in a previous article, here are the names of the players that were on it that the Falcons either drafted or signed as a free agent.

-Seth Doege, Texas Tech
-Sean Renfree, Duke
-Levine Toilolo, Stanford
-Mallicah Goodman, Clemson
-Stansly Mapongo, TCU
-Desmond Trufant, Washington
-Robert Alford, Southeastern Louisiana

So out of the names on it I had most of the draft except for the Safeties. I also had Doege of Texas Tech. So I think what you see is that at least for the Falcons, an interview or workout are important for them. Most of these guys on the list either had an interview with the Falcons or a workout either a private one with the Falcons or at their Pro Day.