By: John Wickham

I wanted to do this mock because I won’t be doing another until next year. So here is a final stab at what I would like the Falcons to do.

Round 1 Pick 22: Desmond Trufant, CB, Washington
Round 2 Pick 28: Robert Alford, CB, Southeastern Louisiana

Round 4 Pick 30: Barrett Jones, C, Alabama
Round 4 Pick 36 (COMP): Sean Porter, OLB, Texas A&M
Round 5 Pick 30: Chris Faulk, OT, LSU
Round 7 Pick 30: Gilbert Pena, DT, Ole Miss
Round 7 Pick 37 (COMP): Marquess Wilson, WR, Washington State
Round 7 Pick 38 (COMP): Cierre Wood, RB, Notre Dame
Round 7 Pick 43 (COMP): Quanterus Smith, DE, Western Kentucky

I do like what the Falcons have accomplished through the first two days of the NFL Draft. I have learned to like the double dip at the CB position. I was not a big fan of it but I think I understand it. In the 4th I get a guy that fits what the Falcons like. A team captain, a senior, and on the O-line he played multiple positions and he played each one well. Then with my 4th round comp, I get a LB who can rush the passer and cover RBs and TEs. In the 5th I grab another OL to help compete for the RT spot. In the 7th I get a big nose and a pass rusher. Then sandwiched between a WR and a RB to help with depth.

Thanks so much for bearing with me while I do all these mocks. I don’t think I have picked one player right but I really don’t care. I have had a blast doing them and I hope you had fun reading them. My goal is that by the end of today we will see with all my mocks if I have picked at least one correct player.