By: John Wickham

I love the Falcons pick. The Falcons got a heck of a player. Desmond Trufant looks really good. Over 40 games started. A 4-year starter. 6 interceptions and 32 pass deflections in his career. He is tall, fast and a good coverage guy. He fits a need. He should come in and start right away.

Now saying that I did not like what we had to give up. I felt like every other team trading got a good deal except for us and maybe Minnesota trading back to the 1st round at the end of the draft. I felt like we should have only had to give up our 1st and our 3rd and not our 6th. I would have rather traded our 1st, 4th, and 5th and maybe our 6th or 7th as well. But that might not have been on the table with the Rams. In the end it doesn’t matter because we got our guy and were able to keep our 2nd round pick as well.

At the start of today we only have one pick today: 2nd round, 60th overall selection. I think we are going to stay on the defensive side of the ball, in particular the D-Line. I think DE over a DT because of value and need. We were adamant about keeping our 2nd round pick so we have to be looking for a guy that we feel is going to either start or be getting a lot of playing time.

They guys I see us looking at DE are:

-Tank Carradine, Florida State
-Alex Okafor, Texas
-Cornelius Washington, Georgia
-Margus Hunt, SMU
-Damontre Moore, Texas A&M
-Corey Lemonier, Auburn
-Sam Montgomery, Louisiana State
-Brandon Jenkins, Florida State
-John Simon, Ohio State
-William Gholston, Michigan State

They guys I see us look at DT are:

-Johnathan Hankins, Ohio State
-Jesse Williams, Alabama
-Johnathan Jenkins, Georgia
-Kawann Short, Purdue
-Brandon Williams, Missouri Southern State
-Bennie Logan, Louisiana State

I would be fine with trading back a little for say, an early 3rd and then also a 4th round pick. So then our pick is 10-15 picks from our 2nd round pick and then the 4th round pick would also be about 10-15 picks away so we would basically replace our 2nd with an early 3rd and replace our late 3rd, the one we traded away, with an early 4th. Of course, this all depends on having someone that would want to trade with us. If it doesn’t happen I will be fine with it. We might end taking someone else at a totally different position and guess what, “In TD I Trust.”