By: John Wickham

Well, I think we can mark this series, and the Hawks season, over. If there was a chance for the Hawks to win this series they needed to take one of these games in Indiana. Now they come home with games on Saturday and Monday. They now have to be worried about being swept. I do believe that they can take at least one of these games but they have to play a lot better than they have played. They need to play a complete game and they have not come close.

They have had silly turnovers, bad shot selection, missed free throws, and just dumb fouls (Officiating aside). It is bad when the head coach at this point of the season still has to get on you about your intensity for a PLAYOFF game. And then you still do not know what your identity is, you got to be kidding me. I know that most of my articles on the Hawks are basically crapping on them and talk about this offseason but come on what am I supposed to do? They have had the same problems all season and have not gotten them fixed. Now that it is the postseason were their problems supposed to just go away and not be exploited by a good team? They have had several injuries to key players but that is not an excuse for all the other players still playing not playing with the intensity needed for a playoff game. This is a veteran team with a lot of playoff experience.

Now saying all that and getting it off my chest, I still love this team. They are my team and nothing will change that. I am very excited to see what happens this offseason with all the cap space this team has. I trust GM Danny Ferry to do what is best for the franchise and build a consistent winner and title contender.