By: John Wickham

If you have been reading the last few posts, you can see that I like the trade down but I also do not mind trading up. I trust Thomas Dimitroff to do the right thing. He has studied more tape than I have and knows what this team needs. I think if we trade up I would rather take a DE/OLB to help the pass rush because I have said it before but a good pass rush makes average corners look a lot better than they really are. But I do not think it works the same with good corners making a pass rush better or at least that much better. I have said it before in my other posts about the draft and I think I have shown you what I believe are the Falcons needs by the players and positions I selected. They need help rushing the passer. If we select a DE early I would need to know that he will be able to beat out Biermann for playing time or I think we wasted that pick because we are in Win-now mode.

That is why I think if we do want a DE that can do that we would need to trade up to get one of the premiere pass rusher. I also think we can wait on a CB because the difference between the top guys and the lower guys is not that great. If we stayed put I would want a CB if one of the pass rushers were not available then if not a trade down, then if the trade down does not look good or is not available, probably Alec Ogletree and if Tyler Eifert is available I would want him, I am not as high on Zach Ertz because I do not think he is a complete TE like Eifert and not worth a 1st round pick. So in the 1st round I like: DE, CB, trade down, Alec Ogletree, or Tyler Eifert. In the second and third round depending on if we have our picks and what we selected I like either, DE, OLB, CB, and DT/NT.

In the 4th round I think we can start looking at the offensive side of the ball, either TE or RB or stay with the defensive side and get one of the other positions we have not drafted yet. Late in the draft I think we can look at the trenches on either side of the ball or depth at LB or in the secondary. Maybe with the comp picks take a WR or RB or possibly a QB but I think we are looking for a veteran because we have a young QB already in Dominique Davis. This draft has loads of depth so we could find some potential stars after the draft and we should be a desired location because we are a good team with quality coaching and Atlanta is pretty cool too. I will finish with this, I totally trust Thomas Dimitroff, Mike Smith, and everyone else involved to make the right decisions and continue the streak as the only NFC team to have winning seasons in the last 5 straight years.