By: John Wickham

I have been using this site called And I have to say it is pretty addicting. I found the site about a week and half ago and I have done countless drafts. I have done trade ups, trade downs, and have stayed put. This mock draft was my latest attempt and I have to say I think it one hell of a good job. To get some of these players might be a pipe dream. But crazier things have happened. On draft day there are always surprises. The draft order is updated as of Sunday, 4/21. The player rankings, I believe, are updated as well as of Sunday, 4/21.

From looking at this draft you can probably tell that I traded back twice. The first was with Philadelphia. I traded 1,30 for 2,5 & 3,5. The second trade was with Tennessee. I traded 2,5 for 2,8 & 3,8. I did the trade back after seeing that none of the big-time CBs or pass rushers were available and that out of the other players available, one should still be there with the trades I accepted. With my first pick I decided that with the trades I could afford to take the top TE in the draft and still have plenty of picks in the first 3 rounds to pick defense. After taking Tyler Eifert, I actually lucked out with Tank Carradine dropping to the 3rd round. I double dipped in the 5th and 6th rounds taking OTs because of the lack of depth we have. I felt that Chris Faulk projects at RT in the NFL and that Reid Fragel being a former TE who should have good enough feet could back up at LT or if not back up RT and still have Lamar Holmes back up Sam Baker. I also double dipped at OLB because of depth. I also picked a MLB for that reason and to push Akeem Dent. I did not take another CB until late because the value was not there and because of needs at other positions and because I think we really only need one CB to play. Because we still have Dominique Franks, Peyton Thompson, and Terrance Johnson fighting for the dime position. To round out the offense I picked up a center who should provide depth and a RB who without his injuries would be a higher draft pick. I also got another toy for Matt Ryan to play with, in Marquess Wilson a 6’3″ 194lbs who runs a 4.45 40 yd dash. I think with this draft the offense gets better not only for the short term but also in the long term. The defense also gets a major facelift. If not with immediate starters, then with guys that should contribute early and could end up starters down the road.

Round 2 Pick 8 (TENN): Tyler Eifert, TE, Notre Dame
Round 2 Pick 28: Arthur Brown, OLB, Kansas State
Round 3 Pick 5 (PHI): Cornellius Carradine, DE, Florida State
Round 3 Pick 8 (TENN): Jordan Poyer, CB, Oregon State
Round 3 Pick 30: Brandon Williams, DT, Missouri Southern State
Round 4 Pick 30: Nico Johnson, ILB, Alabama
Round 4 Pick 36 (COMP): Sean Porter, OLB, Texas A&M
Round 5 Pick 30: Chris Faulk, OT, LSU
Round 6 Pick 30: Reid Fragel, OT, Ohio State
Round 7 Pick 30: P.J. Lonergan, C, LSU
Round 7 Pick 37 (COMP): Marquess Wilson, WR, Washington State
Round 7 Pick 38 (COMP): Branden Smith, CB, Georgia
Round 7 Pick 43 (COMP): Knile Davis, RB, Arkansas

I think that I am going to have one new mock draft per day using I am going to try to do a trade up, trade down, and staying put and give my reasons for why I did it and why I took the players I did. I hope you have fun reading it because I surely had fun doing it.