By: John Wickham

I do not know about you guys but I am sick and tired of the missed calls in baseball. I know no one is perfect and people make mistakes but when there is the technology available to get the calls right and it is not being used, there is something wrong with that.

I do not understand the argument that it is going to take more time to decide that. On a controversial call have someone in a booth and when a dispute happens have them look at the replay to determine the outcome. I think for most calls they can be fixed in about 10-15 seconds or however long it takes to look at a couple replays. And on the hard ones when it cannot be decided just go with the call on the field. That would eliminate the need for the umps to get together to make the call, or the managers to argue, or for them to have to leave the field for home run calls. That should allow the game to continue quickly and keep the tempo of the games. If MLB wants to be cheap and not have someone at each game then they can have one person at some super location looking at all the games and when some dispute happens have some buzz them to look at Screen 5 and look at the play and make a decision. Hell, I will volunteer my services for it.

Another thing is balls and strikes. I do not know how accurate the K-zone thing is but if it is something like 95% accurate and the best umps are only like 90-92% wouldn’t you want the one that is better. I am not sure how long it takes to use the K-zone so I do not know if it would take longer than an ump or not but if it is not too much of a delay then I would prefer to use the thing that is more accurate.

And to those who say that I am taking away people’s jobs I would say not so fast. I might actually be increasing it. If we are to do this right we probably need more cameras to get all the right angles, so we will need more cameramen, we will also need a person to look at all these calls, either one at each stadium or one at a super center. Also I am not taking away the umps. They are still needed at the bases to call safe or out and balks, and if the batter swung or not and fair and foul and whatever else they might need to call.

We need to band together to make the game of baseball as good as it can be. So who is with me?