By: John Wickham

The Hawks are not in top form entering the playoffs. They are on a cold streak. Not quite Antarctica but getting close.They have dropped their last two games and five games out of their last seven. In the final two games they pretty much conceded the games by keeping out most of their starters and giving heavy minutes to the backups. They ended finishing behind the Bulls as the 6th seed and will face the Indiana Pacers starting Sunday.

It looked like they did not care if they won or lost these two final games. I have no problem with Larry Drew deciding to do this. Getting healthy is the only way they have a chance to win in the playoffs. And losing those two games and dropping to the 6th seed allowed them to avoid the Miami Heat in the 2nd round if they do happen to advance. They would have to face either the New York Knicks or the Boston Celtics. And both teams should be a little exhausted after playing a grueling series against each other. But it might be in a lost cause with the season-ending injuries already to Zaza Pachulia and Lou Williams.

I have said it before and I say it again. This season has already been marked as a loss. So whatever happens in the playoffs is a bonus. Most people did not think we would even be here. So maybe we can surprise someone. I love being the underdog and I hope this team embraces the role and makes some noise.