By: John Wickham

Reports have recently come out that the Falcons are looking to trade up from their 1st round pick, 30th overall. I am not surprised by this. Thomas Dimitroff has not been shy about making a move. He has moved up, moved back, heck he has even tried to move sideways. If there is a player that he feels like fits the model for the team and can help, then he is going to make a move for him. Thomas has described draft picks as “fodder” before. Used any which way to help the team. In every draft there has been at least one trade. I am not going to list them all here. If you want to see a list D. Orlando Ledbetter of the AJC has an article cataloging them all.

I have no problem with this. At all. There is a reason this guy has been a 2-time GM of the Year Award winner and is sitting in the Draft War Room, while we are all sitting on the outside looking in and can only speculate. I have used this expression before, “In TD I Trust” and I fully believe it. He has built enough goodwill with me to pretty much make any move.

Now saying that the move I hope he is planning to make is to grab one of the elite pass rushers. You can make an average CB look real good with a great pass rush. Unfortunately I do not think it works the other way. I am not sure how far up we plan on going but if we do make a trade I hope we can keep our 2nd round pick or get the teams 3rd round pick that is going to be pretty early. So then with the 1st pick going to the elite pass rusher, we use the 2nd round/3rd round pick on a CB. Right there I think we solve our two biggest needs and then with the leftover picks, possibly just the Comp picks we still have 4 more picks that could be used to look at TE, OL, NT, OLB.