By: John Wickham

Do you know the only team that has been to the playoffs 6 consecutive seasons in the Eastern Conference? If you guessed the Celtics you would be wrong. If you guessed the Heat, I would tell you to try again. Not sure, want to give up? Alright, I will tell you, it is the Atlanta Hawks. For 6 straight seasons they have been able to get to the playoffs but have not been good enough to make any noise when they get there.

For most it seems like the Hawks were not expected to make the playoffs but I think I called it. In my season preview of the Hawks, “No Joe, No Problem” I said that even without Joe Johnson and Marvin Williams, they had enough talent with Al Horford, Josh Smith, and Jeff Teague to make the playoffs. They have been helped in a down Eastern Conference with season long injuries to star players like Derrick Rose, Rajon Rondo, Andrew Bynum, and injuries to other star players that have kept them out for stretches. Now I do not expect them to do much when they get there. But when they had Joe and Marvin they weren’t doing much anyway.

For the Hawks the real test is what they are able to accomplish this offseason and possible next with the cap room they now have and the star players they will be available.