By: John Wickham

Osi Umenyiora signed the contract, or at least agreed on it, late Wednesday. It is a 2-year deal with a base of $8.5 million with a max value of $12 million and $5 million guaranteed.

I would expect the cap hit to be around $3-4 million. So that should give the Falcons around $3 million left to spend. So they can make one more major move if they choose to. They will need about that much for rookies but a Matt Ryan extension could be in the works and could be done around June and the rookies wouldn’t need to be signed until training camp, so they have plenty of time to work that out. Joe Flacco has recently got a contract extension and Aaron Rodgers could be receiving one soon. That could help speed it up because with the top quarterbacks signing extensions there should be a baseline for where Matt’s contract should be.

I am fan of the move. It seems like it will be reasonable deal. Like most of the Falcons deals this offseason, they are multiyear deals but could be only one year deals and not cost the Falcons much. I think the Falcons still need someone else on the other side/ starter. I am not sure if Osi is supposed to start or only be a pass rush specialist. I am sure that Kroy Biermann is not starting material. I think he does fine as the third guy and a stopping the run but in the last several years he has had his chance and I don’t think that he has taken advantage of it. In his career his total numbers of sacks are 14.5 in 4 years, per season its: 5, 3, 2.5, and 4. We do have some young guys in Cliff Matthews and Jonathan Massaquoi. I am not sure what we have in those guys but I know that I would be uncomfortable going into the season with them getting significant playing time. I do think we need to draft a DE but I do not see one that would be available at 30 or later in the draft that could beat out what we already have. We have 11 picks and not all of them are tradeable but I do think we have enough ammunition to trade up to get a player that could be a difference maker.

Some news about the Falcons own free agents including Brent Grimes and John Abraham. John Abraham has talked to a few teams including Miami, Denver and New England. Talks have cooled down quite a bit. He might be a guy that will have to wait until after the draft to find a job. Brent Grimes also has talked to several teams, among them Tampa Bay, Cleveland, Miami and Atlanta. Tampa Bay seems to be out of the mix. Cleveland has reportedly offered a multiyear deal. Miami has been linked to Grimes since his visit there in the first week of free agency.