M-Braves Clubhouse Report

Each year, a new crop of Mississippi Braves moves into the Trustmark Park clubhouse, and every man has the same dream as the next… to make it to the big leagues.

If you’ve been to Trustmark Park, you’ve probably seen the Wall of Fame along the third base concourse:


The wall represents dreams realized.  Each player on this wall was at one time a bright-eyed minor leaguer, trying to make a living on a meager salary while attempting to make it to the show.

As we inch closer to another season of Mississippi Braves baseball (year number nine, if you can believe it!) each day the M-Braves Clubhouse Report will examine the big leaguers from each year.  Many have moved on from baseball,  Some have moved on to other organizations.  A few have excelled to stardom in Atlanta.

We start with last year: 2012, where are they now?

Andrelton Simmons…

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