By: John Wickham

It has been a long season for the Hawks. Before the season they traded away Joe Johnson and Marvin Williams freeing up a lot of cap space for the upcoming free agency where there are several big names available. But with that they put this season up as a lost. Whatever happens, happens. But the Hawks for the most part have played the same as before. It has helped that the Eastern Conference is down a little bit with injuries to a lot of the teams’ star players.

There have been times that I have been extremely upset at the way they have played. It has not had to do with losing the games but in the manner in which they lose. Silly turnovers late in a game and not giving effort drive me insane. I can understand there are some nights where your shot is not going in but that doesn’t mean that you cannot give it your all.

The Hawks currently are in 5th place in the Eastern Conference. They have a 3.5 game lead on the 8th place Milwaukee Bucks and are behind the 2nd place Indiana Pacers by 4 games. They have no mathematical chance to overtake the Miami Heat for 1st.

The Hawks have 14 more games to go in the regular season and I think as long as they can keep from playing the Miami Heat in the first round they can do what they have been doing for the past several seasons and get to the second round before getting knocked out. And if they catch a few breaks they could possible sneak into the Eastern Conference Finals. It might be wishful thinking but anything is possible when the playoffs start.