By: John Wickham

The 2013 NFL season officially starts today at 4pm est with free agency. The Falcons have already made some moves cutting Dunta Robinson, Michael Turner and John Abraham and then also resigning William Moore (5 years;$30 million)and Garrett Reynolds (2 year:$2.58 million).

The free agent that it seems the Falcons have been linked to the most is RB Steven Jackson. I know some people are skeptical of signing a guy on the wrong side of 30 when we just got rid of one, but I think if the price is right that it could be a good deal. From what I have seen of Steven Jackson he still has the explosion, even last year. Michael has not really had it for the last several seasons. Sure, Michael would show it once in awhile but Steven seems to have it more than one carry a game. I would do a 2-3 year deal worth $3-5 million a year. And most likely cut him after one and the money wouldn’t to bad so the cap hit should be reasonable especially if you replace him with a rookie either in this year’s draft or next season.

Another free agent(s) they have been linked to is DE Dwight Freeney and DE Osi Umenyiora. Both are going to cost a good bit with several teams wanting their services. Both are younger that John Abraham but I think both are just situational pass rushers like him so I’m not sure why cut Abraham if what you are getting is a similar player for the same amount of money.

Falcons Own Free Agents

Reports have surfaced that Tony Gonzalez would be willing to come back for $7 million, a $2 million increase from last year, and then on top of that wants to be exempt from training camp. I want Tony back but I do not think I could do it for that money and for that condition. The money is not really the problem and I understand not wanting to participate in training camp but there would be no way that I would allow a player to just totally miss it. He would have to be in pads a couple times a week at least.

I feel that the Falcons will resign LT Sam Baker, I just hope it isn’t too much because I still have very little trust for the man. One decent season is not going to make believe that we have found the answer for protecting Matt’s blindside. If not Sam Baker I think we try to resign LT Will Svitek to a 1-2 year deal and let him be the starter or the backup if LT Lamar Holmes is ready.

I think OC Todd McClure is gone and if not he is probably resigned to a 1 year deal to be a backup to Peter Konz.

Backup QB Luke McCown, I would think is gone unless they don’t think Dominique Davis is ready.

FB Mike Cox is gone with Bradie Ewing coming back this season.

DL Lawrence Sidbury is gone, the way his agent sounded there is no way he is coming back.

DL Vance Walker should be back. The coaches like him and he shouldn’t break the bank.

LB Mike Peterson I think is gone. He wasn’t even going to be on the team if it wasn’t for Lofa Tatupu getting hurt.

SS Chris Hope, I do hope is back. He was solid when he had to fill in for William Moore and is another guy I don’t think will break the bank.

From the CB position we have Brent Grimes, Dominique Franks and Chris Owens. I think Chris Owens will be back, he is a good special teamer and I thought his coverage skills improved this season. Dominique Franks is gone. He was only resigned when Brent Grimes was hurt. And then Brent Grimes, I am not sure I think it depends on the deal. I think the Falcons have an amount they are comfortable with and are not willing to go over that.