By: John Wickham

Falcons Linked to Revis: Would it be nice to get the best CB in the NFL right now, of course. But, not for what it would cost the Falcons. First to trade for him would cost a couple, high draft picks and then a substantial contract extension or else you lose him after one season. The Falcons do have some cap space but I would rather use that money to sign our own free agents before looking at anyone else.

Tony Gonzalez Coming Back?: I am going to tackle the offseason issue of Tony Gonzalez.  Do I think he is coming back? Really I have no idea but as the eternal optimist I do hope he is back. I can’t believe that there are people out there that don’t want 93 receptions and 930 yards and 10 touchdowns back.  I am terrified of Tony finally remembering his is 37 and getting very old, very quick. But regardless I do think that it is time to find Tony’s replacement for this year or next. If that is Chase Coffman or a free agent or a draft pick I do not know but the replacement in production does not necessarily have to come from the TE position. It could come from the slot position by a WR or a RB in the mold of a Darren Sproles.

Free Agency Less Than a Week Away: The new NFL season starts on March 12 @ 4:00pm and I am excited. The Falcons have the right to sign their own free agents before then and have the ability to negotiate with other teams’ free agents 3 days before the start of the new NFL season, a new stipulation added in the CBA. The Falcons will have money to spend but I don’t expect them to be big players in free agency with most of the cap space going to resigning their own guys.  Thomas Dimitroff has made 1-2 big moves a season so you can expect the Falcons to do something but look for it later rather than early.