By: John Wickham

Falcons release, John Abraham, Dunta Robinson and Michael Turner today saving $15.9 million in cap space. That coupled with the news that the salary cap is going to be set at $123 million when it was expected to be around $121 million gives that Falcons an extra $17.9 million in cap space. The cap space that they had before was around $1-3 million.

I am not really surprised by any of the cuts. All of the players were overpriced by the production they put on the field. Yes, you can say that John Abraham was by far our best pass rusher, I agree, but the money he was getting is for someone who not only rushers the passer but stays on the field for most of the game and stops the run as well. Dunta Robinson played, I thought much better this season than in he has in his previous seasons as a Falcon but again for what he was getting paid, you expect better. Michael Turner, you know I love him to death but what he was worth was not equal to what he was putting up on the field.

I still expect we will hear about some restructuring of contracts by some other players. So the Falcons could clear up even more cap space. According to some reports the Falcons have shown interest in RBs Shonn Greene and Steven Jackson and DEs Dwight Freeney and Osi Umenyiora.

So it seems like the Falcons could possible be big players in free agency now that they have some cap space. Or it could be more money to resign its own free agents like, William Moore, Brent Grimes, and Sam Baker.