By: John Wickham

Here are a some thoughts I have with topics around the NFL and did not think I had enough for a full article so I put them together. So here you go:

I think it is ridiculous that New Orleans got a Superbowl in their old run-down stadium while the Falcons must get a new stadium to even be considered for one. I know atmosphere around the Superdome in New Orleans is a lot better than it would be around Atlanta but that is not what they are deciding the game on is it? Then why is the next Super Bowl going to be in cold ass New Jersey? What the hell is up there to do? Yeah if you go to New York which I believe is about 30-45 minutes away from the stadium there is stuff to do. I think Roger Goodell is being hypocritical about all this nonsense.

Speaking about needing a new stadium for the Superbowl why isn’t the Georgia Dome adequate for the Falcons. I realize that by the time the Falcons get this supposed new stadium the Dome will be 25 years old but aren’t this buildings supposed to last a lot longer than that. I do not see Coca-Cola demolishing their skyscraper building in Atlanta because it hit the 50 year mark. To me though I do not care if the Falcons get a new stadium or not, the real problem for me is the PSLs, (personal seat licenses) for you that do not know, PSLs are a fee that allows you the right to pay for your season tickets. So first you have to pay a price that is usually several times the price of season tickets then you have to come up with the money for the season tickets. So not only does the City of Atlanta have to pay the $200-300 million the Falcons want us to pay but then the money for the PSLs as well.

I find it really funny that Richard Sherman is talking so much smack for I guy that has had only one good season. Come on bro, you seriously are taking on Roddy White the dude has been getting at least 90 receptions and 1000 yards for the last 6 years.  Oh and if I am not mistaken he beat your ass for a touchdown in that playoff game. You can cry about not having safety help but that doesn’t explain how you were 4 yards behind him. Of course the offense tries to confuse you that is the point. Do you tell the WR if you are in man or zone or tell the QB if you are blitzing. Get real, Richard you are a good CB but he got the better of you in that game. Come ready next year in the Dome and I will see you then.

The NFL Combine is starting up and I am getting ready for the “off-season” to begin. I love the offseason. The Senior Bowl and Shrine Game are great to watch. Then the Combine to find these kids measurables.  Free-agents can be signed and finally it culminates in the NFL Draft. I love this time of the year. I watch the NFL Combine but I try not to get to hype for any of the workout warriors. I believe that you use the Combine to confirm what you saw on the field not convince you to take someone that showed up questionable on the field or in the classroom or in interviews.