By: John Wickham

Happy news everyone! Kennesaw State is getting an football team. Oh, maybe I am the only one who cares. I am a graduate of Kennesaw State, Fall Class of 2012. Woohoo! And I am very excited to see them get a football team. I did vote on it and of course said yes. I think that their plan is a very good one and as long as they follow their plan they should be successful. With the increase in student fees and then the $5 million they are getting for stadium naming rights they will have a good nest egg to start off, now whatever else they do is up to them. I think Georgia State has been too quick in the movement up to the big time. If Kennesaw State can realize that they are not Georgia and try to be more like Valdosta State or Georgia Southern they can be successful on the field and then also in making a profit. No one said that 50-60 years from now that with continued success they cannot move up but for the first decade or two they should stick in Division II or Division I FCS. The projections are that they start in 2015 so hopefully I will see you at their first game because I will be there.