By: John Wickham

I know this is a little late but I feel the need to say something about the recruiting done by Georgia and Georgia Tech. I do think these sites like Rivals and 247sports are accurate in their evaluations. But I think it is hard to get an exact evaluation on a kid because he still has room to grow physically and mentally. I am not one to get upset that neither team was able to snag a 5-star recruit. What I am upset about is letting premium talent leave the state. When you have two intuitions like Georgia and Georgia Tech the only time a quality recruit should leave the state is if you do not want them not the other way around. I do not like seeing players leave the state especially when they go to your rivals, so then it’s a double whammy: you lose a talented player and your rival gets better with a player who will be motivated to play against you.

The Bulldogs did not get the top guys at DL and at RB but I think they had a good class in getting players in the positions they needed and so did Georgia Tech who lost several players to other schools including a RB to Georgia but also were able to steal a couple recruits to schools in the last weeks. I agree with both Mark Richt and Paul Johnson that they had good classes and have nothing to be ashamed of except allowing excellent talent to leave the state.