By: John Wickham

I know I am late to the party but I really wanted to think what this trade means before I talked about it. I am going to add that no one will know really the winner and loser of this deal for a couple of seasons but I do want to talk about what we know right now.

Losing Randall Delgado hurts a little bit but the Braves are a good drafting team and have several prospects who seem ready to contribute. The other guys lost are from positions of strength for the Braves and were not going to have an impact with the Braves for the next several seasons anyway.

The guy that hurts the most is Martin Prado. He was this team’s Swiss Army Knife. He played so many positions and played them each pretty well. He was a great clubhouse guy and had a solid bat. A big reason why I think he was traded was because he is a free agent after this year and is expected to command a salary over $10 million.

I think sometimes people forget that this isn’t like Madden or MLB The Show. This is real life and you can’t just throw a team together and expect them to win together. Look at the 2012 Marlins. What happened to them? Chemistry and hustle are a big deal and losing a guy who has those qualities in Martin Prado is a huge especially when the Braves are in a transitional period in the clubhouse with losing Chipper Jones, David Ross and Eric Hinske. There still is Tim Hudson and Brian McCann and Dan Uggla but I look for Freddie Freeman and Jason Heyward to pick up the slack.

I think Justin Upton is going to be good for the Braves but I hope he is great for them. He has all the talent in the world but with him and, just like his brother, is he going to be bring it every day? Chris Johnson I think is a solid pickup. And in a platoon with Juan Francisco or whatever Fredi Gonzalez decides to do at 3rd base, I think he can contribute.

Winning the offseason is not the goal. Winning in the regular season and postseason is and the Braves look committed to that and I hope the Braves accomplish their goal.