CBS Atlanta

By Matthew Asher

With the Falcons coming withing just a handful of plays to play in the Super Bowl, it’s kind of tough to properly gauge how the season as a whole went. Because while Atlanta did make it to the NFC title game, they weren’t blown out of the game. Just the opposite, they were the ones blowing out the 49ers and couldn’t hold onto the lead. That being said, you really have to treat the regular season and the post season differently.

Regarding the regular season, the Falcons certainly had a successful year. Thanks to the new offensive and defensive coordinators of Dirk Koetter and Mike Nolan, respectively, Atlanta’s 13-3 record tied the franchise record for the second best win-loss season. Only the 14-2 1998 squad had a better record.

Koetter’s new take on the offense, by focusing on the aerial attack, certainly paid off in spades. Matt…

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