By: John Wickham

Both games surprised me. One in a good way and one in a not as good way. I was definitely surprised that Georgia Tech was able to thoroughly dominate USC who at least on offense has talent across the board against a Georgia Tech defense that fired its defensive coordinator and has been a disappointment for most of the season.  Georgia Tech did enough on offense while defensively they got helped out by facing a quarterback who was not ready to start and with pretty crazy wind gusts. It ended the second-longest bowl losing streak with its 21-7 win.

Georgia on the other kind of disappointed me. Aaron Murray had a good day. I don’t really blame him for the first INT but the second was all on him. The screen was sniffed out and was not open and he threw it in there any way. But really other than that he was amazing but I still think he would benefit from another year at the helm with an improved offense around him and everyone coming back. Again like all year besides a couple of times the defense couldn’t stop the run. A defense with about 9 guys projected to go in the first 3 rounds of the upcoming NFL Draft with 3-4 of them projected to go in the first round, should perform a heck of a lot better. As usual they did do enough to come home with the win. So in the end while they did not have the season they wanted they did something that only two teams in Georgia history before them accomplished: a 12-win season.