By: John Wickham

The Braves are still looking for an outfielder who can also bat leadoff for them. Michael Bourn is still looking for employment. Seems to me like a pretty good match.

The Hot Stove season has slowed down a bit but that has more to do with the holiday season than anything else. As I look out at the other teams that were competing with the Braves for his services, both the Nationals and Phillies traded with the Minnesota Twins to get their center fielders. The Rangers and Mariners looking for power not speed to add to their lineups. The Dodgers have money to spend but have Carl Crawford, Matt Kemp, and Andre Ethier in their outfield. There is always the Yankees and the Red Soxs but neither seem apt to make a move. The Marlins have a need but are they really going to spend the money after the salary-dumping trades they already have made.

As I said before the Braves seem to be one of the few teams with that glaring need of an outfielder and in their lineup for a leadoff hitter. And they still have some money to spend. The last time I saw it was projected to be around $10-13 million.  Michael Bourn would fill both of those spots. The question would be not if he would he be willing to come back,  but would Scott Boras, his agent, allow him to come back. Now to be frank, I do not think this will happen but a man can dream can’t he?