By: John Wickham

I am a huge Josh Smith fan and have been for his entire Hawks career. I just feel that for all the highlight reel plays he has made he has made as just as many bonehead plays. And I am not just talking about his love affair with jump shots because he has times where he is hot. To me where he has left most to be desired is his consistency every night. He will have a night where he fills the boxscore in a way that almost boggles the mind but then follows that up with two games of clunkers. I feel that he has matured a lot in the last few years but he has not been able to do it on a nightly basis. I know he is not the number 1 option for his team but he has an enormous amount of talent. I think he has as much talent as the likes of Kobe Bryant and LeBron James he just does not bring it every game. I know I might get killed for that statement but I feel like that is true and there is not anything you can say that will change my mind. In the final year of his contract I just want to enjoy what could possible be his final season as an Atlanta Hawk.