By: John Wickham

The Falcons after coming out flat against the Carolina Panthers righted the ship quickly against the New York Giants by intercepting Eli Manning on the second play of the game. The Falcons D swarmed to the ball all day long and made Eli uncomfortable from the get-go.The Falcons offense had a efficient day putting up 34 points and passing for over 270 yards and running for over 120 yards. The Oline only allowed 1 sack and 3 QB hits on the day. The playcalling was superb as the Giants Dline was caught off-balance as the Falcons ran screens and draws, play after play. Even when they were not successful they worked. When the Dline is not allowed to pin its ears back and rush the passer and have to be aware of draws and screens you have helped your cause even if they do not gain many yards. As you could see in the 4th quarter those screens and draws worked more and more as the defense was getting worn down.

The Falcons now 12-2 have not clinched home-field advantage yet as they only need to win 1 of there remaining 2 games: either at Detroit or home against Tampa Bay. Both teams have had disappointing seasons as both felt like they would be playoff contenders.
Of course if the Green Bay Packers and the San Fransisco 49ers lose the Falcons also will clinch.