CBS Atlanta

By Matthew Asher

One of the good things to take away from any terrible game performance is the ability to review mistakes and make strides toward fixing said mistakes. With that said, the Falcons have a lot to work on following their 30-20 thumping by the Carolina Panthers.

While Atlanta has already clinched a top four playoff seed, what teams should they be worried about? Assuming Week 14 was the last week of the NFL’s regular season, the other five NFC teams to clinch a Playoff spot would be the 49ers, Packers, Giants, Seahawks and Bears.

Stopping or Limiting a Mobile Quarterback
Newton was responsible for all three Carolina touchdowns and more than 400 of his team’s 475 yards of total offense. Of the five other NFC Playoff teams, three of them have quarterbacks who are definitely mobile.

While nowhere near the runner that Newton is, Green Bay’s Aaron Rodgers, San…

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