By: John Wickham

In the Mike Smith era this Falcons team has avoided the upset but this past Sunday, they were taken behind the woodshed and got their butts handed to them. The first half was embarrassing to watch. Not as much on the defensive side of the ball as it was on the offense. We are supposed to be a offensive juggernaut but I have not seen that from this team in awhile. In the first half we only managed to get 35 total yards and two first downs, are you kidding me? In the last several games we have had Matt Ryan’s 5 Ints in the Cardinals game (the same Cardinals team that got humiliated 58-0 by the Seahawks), Matt throw for only 165 and go 1 for 11 on 3rd down on Thursday night against the Saints, and in the first Saints game rush for under 50 yards. While I will say the team played much better in the second half, we were already down 23-0. This team has already clinched its division and will host a playoff game but they will be facing much stiffer competition than the now 4-9 Panthers and you can not spot a team a 23-0 lead and expect to win in the playoffs or like the recent Falcons teams we can expect to watch the rest of the playoffs from our couches.

While saying all that, I do think it is good to have this happen now than in the playoffs because now we have time to fix the mistakes and we found out that we are not a finished product. I still believe in this team and have the faith in the coaching staff and the players to get it done.