By: John Foley

It’s that time once again. Time to play the hated New Orleans Saints, only this time your Falcons will win. I woke up this morning and heard the news of airport workers throwing eggs at the saints bus (we don’t pay those guys enough) then two of my buddy’s pics were on a CBS Atlanta blog (crazy looking cats in shoulder pads). It’s all falling into place. My coffee tasted better than it ever has and I’m ready to head to the dome now ( 1:00 can’t get here soon enough). The last time the Falcons and the Saints met was only 18 days ago with New Orleans edging out the Falcons. That was 18 days ago this is now, sure they mustered up some fight to play your Falcons, they always do. The bottom line is we’re a better team and we’re at home. Being a season ticket holder and having some skin in the game I for one can tell you that this is a very heated rivalry. I hate the Saints and I know you do too. So lets enjoy some drinks and be loud tonight Atlanta…….RISE UP…….