By: John Foley

First off, sunday’s game was boring. This was not a real fun game to watch. Matt Ryan looked as bad as I’ve seen him and our run defence was troubling to watch as well. So after a loss to the Saints and a rough game the following week against the Cardinals do you feel like this team still has a real chance? Well I for one do and ill tell you why. Every week in the NFL Is difficult, It’s not college were you have a Georgia Southern on your schedule. ( No disrespect to southern alums) The Arizona cardinals are not a good team, true. There not a bad one either. The Falcons found a way to win even though they underperformed all day, that’s what good teams do. The Texans struggled with the Jags, but found a way. That was the last time you’ll see that version of Matt Ryan and the dome booing Turner definitely put him on notice that the fan base feels he’s underperforming. I’m sure those boos were heard in the owners box. We have a lot of work to do, but this is an elite team. Its my firm belief that you’ll really start to see this team pull away from the pack and start having some dominate performances.